Secrets That Sell: The Introduction

I have attempted blogging so many times and have failed so many times. Yet, here I am, back again, ready to do it the right way. I am in a different space mentally and spiritually and I am ready to devote myself to my work. The sole purpose of this blog is to share my journey to self-discovery and self-love. Self-Discovery is something I believe we all must go through and for me, this is just the beginning. I am discovering who I am, what I am, and seeking the ability to understand exactly what I am meant to be. It’s about being regular, in a NON-regular way. I will not conform. I will not settle. I want to be so self-assured, that no outside force could have any power over me unless I allow it to. I know that my journey to self-discovery will be a never-ending one. I hope that it opens doors for me based on all the hard work I’m prepared to put in. I expect endless opportunities and an abundance of blessings this year and forever more. Join me on my journey. I’m also using this blog to promote myself. The Lord has given me gifts that are specific to me. I can’t continue to waste them by not trying to share them on a larger scale. When I stand before God at the end of my life, I hope that I don’t have a single bit of talent or energy left as I say “I used everything you gave me.” 

        Let me say this now: I’m just a different kind of being. I was raised different than most with different standards and I offer different qualities. We’re going to have our differences. Disagreeing with me is perfectly fine. As you’ll come to understand, I won’t really care and most likely, I won’t entertain. However, there is a way to disagree with me. You can either 1) Tastefully and respectfully state your opinion or 2) Exit. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but bad vibes won’t be tolerated. Any and everything that corrupts the positive atmosphere around me will be quickly and properly disposed of.

I also need to give a S/o to the people who don’t need a New Year to start making some changes. That “New Year, New Me” mess is just some cliche phrase that sounds good to those that plan on doing the same damn things, expecting a different outcome. If you know that you need to change right now, change right now. Don’t wait until January 2016. You’re not guaranteed to see that day.

“Just because the curtain closed, doesn’t mean the show is over. The curtain has to close to set up for the next scene. Get ready. #SecretsThatSell” – +RealTalkKim

Be Blessed & Prosper,



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