Black Girl Supremacy: The Introduction of Supreme Black Girls

This site is for the carefree, pro-black girls. The black girls that love Twitter and Instagram. The black college students who are fed up with financial aid and applying for scholarships. The beautiful black girls who rock their pink velour tracksuits and bamboo earrings with their classic air force 1s. The Black Daria lovers and Anime queens. The controversial, problematic black girls with attitude and passion. I am doing this all for you. Black girls are made from honey and gold. Being a black girl right now is lit. It’s almost like being a part of super exclusive organization.You are a goddess. In this series, Black Girl Supremacy, we are going to showcase black girls in all of their glory while also highlighting issues that are affecting black women and their culture. We are celebrating our women on the front line of racial wars, supporting them against the war on their womb and reminding them that they hold all power. With makeup or without, dawning flowers and tattoos, praying to Black Jesus or Buddha, their black is beautiful. This is about Black Girl Supremacy.

This photo does not belong to SecretsThatSell.

Follow Black Girl Supremacy @SupremeBlackGirls on Instagram.

Stay tuned for the wonderful features in this series!


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