What Is Black Love & Does It Matter? (Coming Soon)


“Black Love Still Matter”

Ok. Maybe so. But what is “Black Love” and Why does it matter?

In this series, we’ll highlight beautiful black couples who are defining and redefining what “Black Love” really means.

For now, I’ll answer both simply by saying that 1) Black love is the incomparable bond between two black individuals. Their capacity to love is unmatched. 2) It matters because it thrives on the cultivation of Black culture.

But really, let’s talk about it. What is BLACK LOVE?

If two Black people are dating or married and in love, does that, by default constitute Black love? Is seeing a woman pick up her son and give him a kiss on the cheek…is that Black love? Or two good friends doing the Black man handshake-hug combo… is that black love? When it comes black, love is a very complicated topic.


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