All Tea, No Shade: White Feminists Don’t Care About Black Women (On The Topic of Sandra Bland)

WARNING: This is a rant. I will be grammatically incorrect. I’m not throwing shade. Just spilling the tea.

White Feminists! Are you all just as upset about the mysterious death of Sandra Bland as you were/are about the #BBHMM music video?


I was on Twitter earlier and some girl tweeted about “Why can’t we just say woman?” in reference to headlines about Sandra being “A black woman died…”

Well, sweetheart. Here’s why we just can’t say “women” Because she’s black. She’s black. And police brutality and racism is a rampant issue in the BLACK community and this is a race issue so no, stop trying to do this lowkey “all lives…all people…all women” because it’s not about that. This is not happening to everyone, this is happening to PEOPLE OF COLOR. Contrary to what patriarchal, Hotep Black men and white women will tell you, Black women have always been aware of how shady white feminists are. Honey… I’m sorry that people in your community are not dying like this, and I’m SO SORRY that white females dying in police custody isn’t something that you have to deal with. *Please tell me you understood this sarcasm*. You know like I know that if this had been a white woman, CNN & Fox would be going CRAZY right now. White feminists do not care about the problems of women of color, trans-women, non-binary women, etc.

White feminism is all about Hilary Clinton, “Free The Nipple” , Body Hair, and other basic things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Feminism is so much deeper than that and those faux Tumblr/Twitter white feminists that have made stupid things matter.

Y’all refuse to talk about trans issues, white females appropriating culture, the abuse women of color face etc. The list goes on. I’m angry, because I’m tired. Y’all don’t ride for us. Y’all don’t ride for anyone who can’t check the “white” “female” box. All white feminists think they’re doing something special for talking about Caitlyn Jenner. Y’all don’t care about her either! You all are riding for her because the media is but how much do y’all actually care about what Caitlyn is going through? You will get all in your feelings when people misgender Caitlyn but never speak on trans issues that run deeper than that. I’m disgusted by white feminism, I’m sick of white people acting like minorities call everything a race issue just because when 9/10, it IS a race issue. Get Out! Dylan Roof is alive and living life protected while Sandra is DEAD. It goes without saying (but I’m still going to because everyone loves getting upset) not every white person is like this and not every white feminist is aggravating, but people can’t act like the majority aren’t. I can’t change the way you all think though. It’s up to y’all. It’s up to white people. Because minorities can scream all day about their issues but y’all will not listen. It’s up to white people to educate other white people and that’s the only way this mess will start changing

If you call yourself a feminist, you can’t ignore trans women, black women, Mexican women, white women, or any women at all.


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