Musings Of Mo: I Am A Soul

“Either you are a person wondering if you have a soul, or you are a soul who knows being a person isn’t real.”

I AM a soul. Vibrant, relevant and thriving. I am a soul.

However, when I woke up this morning, feeling spiritually renewed from all the gems within  this book, I got on twitter and read about Sandra Bland, who was born in a black female body like mine, and killed by the police on the way to her new job.

That when, in a W.E.B. DuBois like state-of-mind, I realized that sometimes…most times, people are not concerned with the souls of black folk.

It is important that I stress this next point: My tumblr, twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites are for black people. I don’t understand what it is to be white. I can appreciate someone else’s experience all day (my family is not of one race) but I see the narrative of that experience every day: on popular TV with no black characters, in magazines with few black models, at work, the mall, the movies, everywhere. My cultural history has been distorted for this narrative. My race has been psychologically traumatized for generations and conditioned to hate its blackness as a result of things that happened before we even got a chance to prove our value… No one (soul) should have to PROVE their value.

So that’s why, I want to celebrate my experience (on this earth) in the body God gave me (in this lifetime) and I will do so by unapologetically creating, being, sharing and speaking.

That is especially important in the face of an oppressive system where I could be murdered and swept under the rug at any minute. That way if I am lucky, Nancy Grace will pull my own words from my own blogs and forums instead of sharing pics of me lurking in the background of a mysterious college party.


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