Letters To My Sisters: Taylor Wright

Dear Taylor,


You are a queen. A black queen, riveting and unmatched. Thank you for sharing your story. Do NOT be discouraged. You have a story to tell. You experienced blatant racism and hatred from one of your former friends. My hope and prayer for you and your life is that you always move forward. Never look at your blackness as a problem or a setback. There is NOTHING that you can not do. Work harder, work smarter, and work faster. People like Makayla are in place as road blocks but you must continue on, sis. You are destined for greatness. I am so glad that you are moving forward. What makes me happy as well is that you can laugh about it while the rest of us are mad as hell. Realize the power that you hold, Taylor. Treasure yourself: your mind, your skin, your queendom and your womanhood. There is no one like you.


Your sis,


This is what our girls are facing: Blatant racism, hatred, disgust and pure ignorance. The current state that our world is in right now has me shaking my head non-stop. It’s frightening that some people have such a passion for/spirit of hate.
This may seem trivial to many of you. However, it is not. Do not count this off as stereotypical “Girl on Girl Drama”. I thought about several things when I was tagged in posts regarding this incident. 1) The thoughts and feelings that Makayla has were not spur of the moment ideas. This is an indoctrinated behavior and thought process. 2) Has Taylor been told/reminded that her “black is beautiful”? 3) Are these girls aware of the racial climate in America? 4) Where the hell do we go from here?

How are going to protect our girls? Can we protect our girls?

Here’s the story: 17 year old Tay Wright was attacked with multiple racial slurs by former classmate & former best friend, Makayla Carson. The incident began when Taylor’s boyfriend at the time was caught receiving nudes from Carson. Taylor told Makayla that she simply did NOT want to be friends anymore. This revelation led to Carson becoming irate and a fight ensued several months ago. Taylor, fed up with numerous rumors and instigated drama, decided to confront Makayla Carson. In the video posted to Taylor Wright’s Instagram, Makayla is heard confirming allegations that she said Taylor “deserved to be raped and ran over because she was black”. It didn’t end there. Makayla later attempted to apologize to Taylor via the texting app “Kik”. In the messages, Carson is seen justifying her antics by saying that while black people are “trashy” and “have never commuted to anything good”, Taylor is in fact different. She claims to have not been speaking about Taylor specifically, but about the black community as a whole.


According to Taylor, the two girls hadn’t spoken in months but Makayla made a sudden reemergence in hopes of rekindling their friendship.

Once Taylor posted the video/Kik screenshots to Instagram, Makayla sent this:


After reaching out to Taylor and speaking with her, it is clear that this attack was unwarranted and unnecessary and in many ways, seemingly out of character for her former best friend. Taylor says that she and Makayla were the BEST of friends and had even spent several weeks together prior to the start of this incident. When Taylor found out about Makayla’s interactions with her boyfriend (note: he’s black), she made the decision to remove herself from the friendship. Makayla began to spread particularly hurtful rumors about Taylor’s family (while Taylor was going through issues at home) while simultaneously wishing that worst for Taylor (rape, death, etc.). However, Taylor is taking this as a lesson learned and refuses to let it get her down. She is anticipating her senior year and is “grateful for the amazing group of friends” she has in her life.

We must protect our girls at ALL COSTS.

We love you Taylor!


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