Black On Black Crime Is A Myth



Read (Warning: Many things may be repeated. that’s to ensure that you get it)

First, understand that “Black on Black Crime” is a myth. Please realize that what is being presented on your local news stations and internet home pages is a fraud. The myth of black criminality and the “distorted exaggeration” of black on black crime has people afraid of us. I’m going to say it again: black on black crime is a myth. Black people do not kill a disproportionate amount of other blacks. The vast majority of blacks commit no crimes whatsoever. Crime happens locally among the neighborhood. Neighborhoods tend to be predominantly one race. There is no “black on black crime.” Once you understand that, then you’ll realize that the “black on black crime” myth is another age old tactic to rob black people of their humanity. We know that black on black crime is a myth because it is statistically no different from white on white crime. So, yes we DO in fact care about what is being called “Black on Black crime” but black people aren’t killing each other simply for being black.  (Also note that many of those blacks who are committing these crimes are also in jail.) Black crime has decreased during the past 20 years. White crime has increased. Americas commitment to housing segregation is why see “black on black crime” which is caused by proximity and familiarity. When people constantly throw out the “What about ‘black on black crime’?” argument, they’re lacking the full mental recognition/capability to discuss the actual root of the issue. Now, let’s play pretend and say that “black on black crime” was in actuality “a thing”. In that case, it’s a sociological issue caused primarily by poverty and lack of opportunity. Either way you look at it, it’s in place to demonize blacks.
Let’s continue on with this “Black on Black” crime narrative. It is still a reflection of white supremacy. You take a group of people, box them in, miseducate and indoctrinate them, provide them with limited resources, take the fathers out of the homes, promote murder and imprisonment, consistently decrease job opportunities, and flood the communities with guns and drugs. What the hell do you expect to come out of that equation?
“I think the violence in black communities is fine as long as it’s being committed by another BLACK person.” said, No black person…ever.

The fact that people are not only segregating crime but also diminishing the lives of those affected by crime in general speaks volumes about moral standing. Crime is bad, full stop. If you are throwing in, “What about black on black crime?” in any racial discussion, you may want to ask yourself the following set of questions:

  • What about “white on white” crime, like the Holocaust of World War II?
  • What about the fact that while you are trying to argue for white supremacy (whether you know it or not) you may be a fan of a television show that displays (for the most part) nothing but white on white crime (Supernatural, Dexter, ALL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION/FORENSIC TELEVISION SHOWS, Game of Thrones)?
  • What about the fact that according to the FBI, whites held the MOST arrests in 2013 for every crime save, “gambling” and “manslaughter/non-negligent manslaughter?
  • What about the fact that black people are disproportionately imprisoned for the crimes done by white people as well as being used for free labor while whites, especially upper middle class whites, have a revolving door and comparatively pleasant experience in prison?

Maybe after asking yourself the above questions and doing extensive research, then, you may find that “black on black” crime discussion topic is a messy, tactic used by the media to control the fearful white bubble public. Stop letting the TV think for you.

I dislike when black people attempt to use the “black on black crime” argument AGAINST me when I speak about police brutality, white supremacy, etc. Aside from the ignorance stemming from the overall argument, you are not talking to someone who is “for” this alleged “black on black crime”. I am also not committing any of these crimes. Why are you attacking me with a bullshit argument? It is becoming somewhat of a cliche: in the wake of the many black deaths involving police (and other white supremacists), to point out that far more black people are killed each year by other black people than by cops of any color or by racist terrorists like Dylann Roof. It’s a “valid” point some may say, but it is archaic and generally has NOTHING to do with what the hell I’m talking about.

Right now, I’d like to personally send a message to the hateful souls working diligently at Coons-R-Us: Just because you’re too simple to know how state brutality in the forms of intentionally underfunded and exploited neighborhoods and communities creates barrios/ghettos/favelas/slums, which in turn also create a breeding ground for poverty, racism-linked intra-racial abuse, instability, exploitation and violence (which does not happen at a significantly higher rate than any other form of intra-racial violence because, surprise: the people most likely to hurt you are the ones directly in your proximity, & if those proximities are highly segregated, then…) doesn’t mean that we are (simple, that is).

I know where my anger and rage towards the circumstances of my people needs to be directed towards and it isn’t at myself. You may dismiss yourself until you learn more. I’m here to be accountable and do better but not to victim-blame, scapegoat, hate, & shame Black people for what is being intentionally done to them.

Kindly choke on my ankle.

NEVER, and I mean not even one time, should you EVER use Black on Black crime or internalized hatred to excuse the abuse we have endured from other races, but most specifically the abuse at the hands of whites. Telling me that “Africans enslaved Africans before Europeans enslaved us” DOES NOT excuse Western slavery. The two don’t even balance out because of how opposite the tactics were of African enslavers in comparison to European enslavers.

Trying the “we kill each other too” line is coonery at it’s finest. That’s a false statistic given to us by a system that couldn’t give a damn about our people.

I’m not one of those people who ignores crime in black communities because it is happening & it is an issue we need to address, but it’s not a valid argument against the racial disparities. It’s a policing tactic. So no, don’t give me that mess. I don’t want to hear it. I won’t take it. And if that’s your comeback to me saying I’m sick of “these people” killing us and getting away with it, leave the conversation before you enter it.

And please, stop defending white people and their feelings. Their privilege will always, always, ALWAYS protect their sensitive, racist, distorted perception of….everything.

I had someone ask me Why aren’t we doing anything about the black on black violence in New Orleans? A black man gets killed by another black man everyday yet I don’t see anything on the news. What’s with that? Are y’all not concerned?” 

First, boy bye. BLACKS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT CRIME WITHIN BLACK COMMUNITIES. I want to know why the term “black-on-black crime” even exists in our lexicon, but not the term “white-on-white crime.” That is one of the clearest signs that racism is a guiding principle in this country. All one needs to do is look at the facts:

  • 94% of all crimes committed against black people are committed by black people
  • 86% of all crimes committed against white people are committed by white people.

Surely, 86% is a number at which we can safely say that white-on-white crime is a very serious problem. Yet, we never do. The term is not in the dictionary. There is no Wikipedia entry for it. It’s not a “trending topic” and it’s not going to pop up on in the google search bar. It is not browbeaten into the public consciousness. The media makes little to no mention of this term. There are no news specials dedicated to looking at this problem. Neither Oprah nor Barack have touched on the topic. As a result, black people are scapegoated and portrayed as especially criminal when, in reality, we are merely, pretty much, keeping pace with the rest of a society that thrives on violence, often times, committing less. If black people are being asked to focus on black-on-black crime, then why aren’t white people being asked to focus on white-on-white crime? Why are some people so focused on black-on-black and black-on-white crime, but get upset when we focus on white-on-white or white-on-black crime? If it seems as though black people are more criminal than white people, it is because the racist criminal justice system and the racist prison industrial complex have conspired to make it seem that way. Numerous studies have shown that black people and white people commit crimes at pretty much the same rate, and any differences in the rate can be attributed to poverty—which, in the United States, affects black people disproportionately due to structural impediments that are sourced to (you guessed it), racism. Honest law enforcement officers and administrators of all races have admitted that their directives from the top have forced them to focus on crime in black communities in a way that they do not in white communities even though crimes are, indeed, happening in white communities. The perception, then, is that black people must be committing tons more crimes than white people when, in fact, they aren’t. This does not even take into account the fact that when black people and white people are processed through the criminal justice system and the prison industrial complex, it is done in a way that is inherently inequitable. Black people are more likely to die at the hands of law enforcement even though white people are more likely to resist arrest and be disrespectful or violent toward police officers; black people are more likely to be stopped and frisked by police even though white people are more likely to be carrying contraband; black people get harsher sentences than white people even when the exact same crime is committed and the perpetrators have similar criminal histories; juvenile delinquency is much more likely to be viewed and treated as criminal when committed by a black child or teen than when committed by a white child or teen; a white person with a criminal record has a better chance of obtaining employment than a black person with a criminal record—and just as good as chance as a black person with no criminal record; the justice system is much more sympathetic to white people who commit crimes than black people who commit crimes.


The media plays a significant role in making the world believe that black people are the most dangerous people in the world. According to the research, black people are more likely to be victims than perpetrators of crime, but the media warps that perspective by over-reporting instances of black crimes and underreporting instances of white crimes.

It is my belief that the hyper-criminalization of black people is wholly intentional. In order to exploit a failsafe in the U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amendment that allows for slavery as punishment for a crime, it is in a racist nation’s best interests to present black people as especially dangerous and especially in need of oversight, surveillance, and discipline. A racist regime can, then, return black people to a previous state of bondage in a way that is as legal as it is immoral. To add insult to injury, the United States, united by nothing if not racism, builds prisons—public, private, and for-profit—mainly in white, suburban areas, locks up black people disproportionately, disenfranchises them, and counts their bodies (full bodies, not 3/5ths this time) in the census not for the areas in which they were born, raised, and lived, but for where they are currently warehoused. As a result, these white, suburban areas obtain higher population counts and, therefore, higher representation in local, state, and federal governments. This would be genius if it were not so insidious.

If it seems as though some black people are more concerned with instances of racist murders than they are with so-called “black-on-black crime,” it is probably because

a. white people are more likely to get away with murder—especially if the victim is black.

b. with the exception of wealthy black people whose wealth grants them momentary, honorary whiteness, no black person would ever get away with murdering a white person (white people will, in fact, invent a black perpetrator where none exists).

c. many black people believe black-on-black crime in the United States is a by-product of racism-induced poverty and ghettoization as well as internalized racism, as black bodies are continually and consistently dehumanized and devalued, which makes it, in a sick sense, profitable and cache to destroy them.

d. when law enforcement is involved in incidents of black-on-black crime, it is not because they wish to bring a perpetrator to justice and avenge the loss of black life, but that they want to add another black body to the slave trade as they could not care less about the loss of black life.

In their minds, the murdered black person and the captured black person means there are two less black people in the world for them to contend with.

Crime in black communities and crime committed against black people by the state are not created equal. Michael Eric Dyson sums it up best by saying, “Black people who kill black people go to jail. White people who are policemen who kill black people do not go to jail.”

Certainly, it is my sincerest hope that we, as black people, divest from the pathology that infects this country and the world, in regards to the treatment of black people. I also think it would be unrealistic to expect black people to be superhuman rather than human. When the whole world is rife with violence, why are black people held especially accountable? And how can white people—inventors of the most deadly weaponry and guilty of the most egregious and heartrending genocides known to humankind—be considered the civilized arbiters of what is or is not moral?

In other words, black-on-black crime will end precisely when white-on-white crime does.

So with all due respect, I think you’re asking the wrong question. The right question is why are we so satisfied with a global system that cannot seem to function without holocaust, bigotry, and genocide? And how is it that black people are viewed as violence’s representative when it’s white people–globally, imperially, colonially–who have the most blood on their hands?


Intraracial crime is “proximity” crime, meaning the closer you are in terms of people of your race, the more likely chance crime is committed towards each other because of your proximity. Whites kill whites , asians kill asians, blacks kill blacks etc etc. at the same rate. Everyone is pretty much in the 80-90% range when it comes to intraracial crime but some how black on black crime is “unique?” That is where the myth lies and is used to distract from the real problems.

I’m getting extremely tired of explaining it to other black folks (mainly black men) who use the same poorly constructed narrative to justify the slaughter of their own people.

The term black on black crime is exorbitant and should not be used. Listen to me honey, whites kill whites… all the time. All races kill people of the same racial background. Has it occurred to ANYONE that we as a whole, live racially segregated. Therefore, the criminals near you are more likely to be someone who looks like you. Crime is crime….is crime. No other race’s criminal activity is referred to as ____ on _____ crime. Why is ours?

Do I think violence in our community needs to end? Of course! But the time to talk about “Black on Black” violence is not when tragedies occur AGAINST the black community. How about you acknowledge them on an ordinary day (I use that term loosely). What are you doing to stop violence in the community on a day-to-day basis? Why are you speaking “passionately” about something you’re not actively working on fixing? If the only time you address “Black on Black” violence is in attempt to call out those who are addressing race-related violence and hate crimes, you’re useless to the cause and should stay quiet. Ultimately, you’re useless as a black person.

I am not scared of false media and non black people who are anti black …they are predictable and expected. What scares me are black people who live so contently in their own oppression that the murders of their own people is justifiable (ex: black on black crime).

Have y’all noticed that the people who always bring up “Black on Black crime” when there is a TERRORIST act done on Black people are the ones who AIN’T (yes…ain’t) doing a single thing to fix this so-called “Black on Black crime” in their own communities (Besides being a spectator and a commentator). Since you’re so passionate about it that you have to make an excuse for Black terrorism like you are not also Black and like it can’t also happen to you, get your butt on the front lines and do something about “Black on Black crime”. It’s crime in black communities, it’s proximity crime, not “black on black crime”.


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