Sandra Bland: Justifying & Denying

I haven’t been able to find my smile. Sandra Bland’s story has weights sitting on my heart. It has been reported that Sandra Bland’s death was ruled a suicide and as expected, EVERYONE has something to say. There are some that are “justifying” her death: “If she had obeyed the officer, she wouldn’t be dead” (which is weird considering the allegation is SUICIDE), and there are the others, the people with insight, anger and a desire to know the truth. They are “denying” this so-called suicide. We refuse to believe that Sandra Bland committed suicide. Before I continue on, here a few facts that you need to know about the case so far, along with a few questions I have.

1) Sandra reportedly was documented as admitting that she’d previously tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills after suffering a miscarriage.

2) Sandra had apparently been repeatedly calling a friend who was supposed to be bailing her out of jail. He was not responding to her phone calls.

3) It is believed that Sandra was already dead at the time that her mugshot was taken. Many people have analyzed her physical attributes in the photo, in comparison with her ‘selfies’ and other images taken prior to her death. Some also believe that the mugshot was photoshopped. There are also no CLEAR side view mugshots that have been released.

4) In her mugshot, Sandra is already dressed in the orange prison gear. Most mugshots are taken as soon as the officer and alleged offender arrive at the precinct, meaning the alleged offender is still dressed in their personal clothing.

5) The dash cam footage was edited. There are numerous inconsistencies including the placement of clouds and cars.

6) Sandra’s co-inmate has spoken out about her time with Sandra. Sandra was in a cell alone while her co-inmate was in an adjoining cell with 3 other women.

7) There has been more footage released of what some are saying is the arrival of Sandra Bland and the arresting officer, at the precinct. However, based on the clothing Sandra was wearing at the time of her arrest and the outfit and stature of the woman in the arrival footage, it appears to be a woman, other than Sandra Bland.


1) How does one get arrested for resisting arrest?

2) Why was Sandra Bland arrested?

3) Is there any explanation for the inconsistencies on her medical forms?

4) How could Sandra Bland, who was 6’0 feet tall, have hung herself in a room of the same height.

6) Where are all of her mugshots?

My advice on figuring out what happened to Sandra is to believe the EXACT opposite of what’s reported.

I was hurt and disgusted yesterday when I was sent Facebook screenshots of a (black) man by the name of Walter Lee Hampton II, talking terribly about Sandra Bland. He was justifying her death with no shame.


According to this man, Sandra should’ve just “shut her damn mouth.” I think a lot of people are missing the point. Whether or not Sandra had an attitude, she did NOT break the law. All he had to do and all he should’ve done was give her the warning, the ticket or whatever the hell it was that he was fabricating. There are a lot of people making excuses, saying things like “She was cursing the officer. She should’ve just complied.” Since WHEN does simply cursing have anything to do with complying? And again, she did NOT break the law. Therefore, she should have NEVER been asked to get out of her car and she surely shouldn’t have ended up in jail. What was her charge? Failure to put out a cigarette when asked? Thats not possible… because once again, that’s not a law. I am beyond tired of seeing “She should’ve just….”, “If she would’ve complied….” etc. That should have been THE QUICKEST traffic stop ever. Check her license & insurance, pull a ticket out of your butt and go along. He was wrong and theres no debating that. To see a black man, defending a man who would’ve shot or tangled him without a second thought was beyond disgusting and unbelievable. This is yet another example of white supremacy run by white men hell-bent on asserting false authority.

On the other hand, you have people like me: the people who see through this BS. There have been so many lies regarding the case up to this point that I refuse to believe anything else they report. The officers phone call to his boss contradicts the edited dash cam footage. The outfit Sandra wore in the dash cam footage is different than the outfit on the woman in the footage of the precinct arrival. The ghost of Christmas past didn’t kill her. The ghost of white supremacy and racism did. Nothing about this case makes sense. They’re liars. Yes, they RULED her death a suicide by hanging but what the hell does their ruling really mean? To me, it means that they do NOT care . In their eyes, she is one less “loud mouth black woman” out to stop their new world order agenda.


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