Why I Love Sandra Bland

Sandra bland is now our eternal angel. Every photo I see of her radiates so much supremacy, strength and power. She was as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside.

What hurts me that most is how sad and ironic it is that the very thing she was fighting against ending up taking her life…and you all know damn well, that I am NOT talking about suicide. A systematic oppression that has been going on for many years, that Sandra was aware of and more importantly, that she was vocal about, is what led to her unfortunate demise. I have thought about her family each and everyday. My heart aches for her daily. However, my heart was filled with so much joy and excitement when I was sent a video of Sandra praising God after a horrible wreck. One thing that makes me so happy is knowing that Sandra loved the Lord and was extremely open about what he’d done for her. She’s a pure soul.

I love Sandra Bland because in every sense of the word, she was unapologetic. She said what she meant, and she meant exactly what she said. In a world where the “Angry Black Woman” stereotype runs loose, Sandra’s persistence in speaking her mind despite having the “Angry Black Woman” title linger over head, was refreshing. And, even more refreshing was that smile. My God, what a beauty she was. She embraced her blackness and her black IS so beautiful. Sandra truly had a spirit that radiated outwardly.  

There have been so many black lives lost to this system and each and every story has placed rocked me to the core. But, when Sandra’s story broke, I thought about her every second of everyday. I still do. No one understands how serious I am when I say that I could have very well been in that same position a month ago. I have so much love for this woman. She had a sisterly spirit that I felt in her videos. She had a smile, that reminded me of me own. Even more important was that she had so much passion and strength that I couldn’t help but feel a spirit of oneness with her.

I pray for her every day and every night, out of love and out of fear. Because of Sandra’s fearless, I vow to fight hard each and everyday. I will never bow down in fear.

Rest in Love, Sandra Bland


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