The Time Is Now: Sandra Bland

Why did instagram delete most of the ‪#‎sandrabland‬ posts? Over 226,000 pictures gone…

If #AllLivesMatter, why does the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag exist?

Why can’t we express our grievances?

How are we going to change this?

When it comes time for a black man to explode, they call it violence, but white people can explode and implode against black people all day long and it’s never called violence. I’ve had people ask me, “Are you non-violent? Do you identify with Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X?” My answer is this: I’m the victim of violence, as are you. In fact, you have been so victimized that you are completely desensitized to it and you can’t recognize it for what it is today.
They don’t mind you struggling for freedom as long as you struggle according to their rules. As long as you let them tell you how to struggle, they support your struggle. However, when you remind them that you want total freedom and you’ll achieve that by any means necessary, he targets you. He’s for his freedom by any means necessary, but he’ll never go along with yours.
The history of the United States is that of a country that does whatever it wants, in the interests of those it cares about by taking any precautions they deem “necessary.”  We can not go along with that. If we are going to be non-violent, then let America become non-violent. Let her pull her troops out of Saigon and pull her troops out of the Congo and pull back all the troops from the numerous continents and then we will see that this is a nonviolent country and that we’re living in a nonviolent society. Until they get nonviolent themselves, you’re out of your mind to get nonviolent.

I’m for peace, but I don’t see how any black people can be at peace before the war is over, and you haven’t even won a battle yet. I am afraid to approach a police officer, even if I am in a dangerous circumstance. They will undoubtedly think that am the danger. I have always been taught that I have to work ten times harder to be just as good as “them”. I was taught that life was going to be unfair sometimes, and I never fully understood the reasons until today. 
Day after day black lives are being taken away by cold hearted, inconsiderate, misunderstanding bullies with a gun and a badge. It’s not only pathetic but infuriating how the pigment of your skin can put you in danger, and it is unfair.

Sandra Bland inspired painting

They replace black lives matter with all lives matter to make the media look better. They replace unarmed with troubled background or suspicious looking.They replace white privilege with injustice to hide what is right. 
And what is right is that I shouldn’t feel afraid to approach a police officer, I shouldn’t have to be afraid to walk in my own neighborhood without someone accusing me of looking suspicious or harmful, I shouldn’t have to prove to anyone that I am deserving of life. We all are human and we should be treated as such.

The Houston Chronicles has made a joke out the incidents leading up to Sandra Bland’s unlawful detainment and untimely death.

I thought I was desensitized. Yet the current smear campaign that Waller County and the press have going on against Sandra Bland is flat-out nauseating, even by their low, low standards. This was a woman that had earned two college degrees and we saw her being violently arrested on camera for no reason by a cop who got caught blatantly lying about it…and all they want to talk about is her smoking weed. Victim-blaming is saying that what the victim did relieves the attacker of responsibility. That is never okay. The last time I checked, the government didn’t fund any studies conducted on marijuana. If her “suicide” and “suicidal” thoughts were influenced/intensified because of the marijuana in her system, I want to know where they’ve conducted studies showing marijuana cause suicidal thoughts. As of right now there is no study, no reliable resources to speak on the behalf of marijuana and its effects on the human braid. It makes no damn sense.

Sandra Bland warned us of this. Sandra Bland knew what we were up against and in her own words she insisted that we take action NOW. The time is now. No more injustice. No more wickedness. No more victim-blaming. The system of white supremacy must be destroyed BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Sandra Bland’s story is weighing on the hearts of many and those who she touched, refuse to believe this story of Sandra taking her own life. Her face, thanks to passion and pain from many is everywhere- TV, Social Media and even on city streets.

We have to take Sandra’s death as a warning and as a means of truly getting down to business and taking the justice that we will never be given. We need a plan, we need action and more importantly we need unity and prayer.

The question now is how? What are we going to do? The Black Power movement of the 60s & 70s has be reignited by a wave of conscious black youth that utilize the power of their cells. Recording incidents involving injustice has propelled civil rights issues to the forefront of all discussions. Social media is where most information regarding this case was released! Not CNN, Fox, BBC, or any other news station. Twitter and Instagram are the leading news stations. And although I’m not a Kardashian fan, Kim even spoke out saying that there must be a “#MassiveCoverUp” in this case.


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