Carnival Craze: Queen Ati


Cultivating healthy, supportive relationships amongst black women is essential at all times, and especially critical now. Over the summer, I had the chance of connecting with a few beautiful young ladies over social media, who I am now attending college with. One of these lovely ladies, is Miss Atiyana E.

Atiyana, is a beautiful Barbados-born freshman majoring in Business Marketing. She spent part of her summer in Barbados celebrating Carnival and thankfully, was more than willing to share a few details of her amazing experience with me.

STS: Did you feel that a woman’s expression of her sexuality was respected? Was the experience culturally authentic?

Ati: Yes! I feel as if our sexuality was respected. If you didn’t want to dance or anything the men would leave you alone, they highly respected your decisions. And, yes it was. It was really amazing to have the opportunity to participate in something I was born into.


STS: Was everyone in costume who pulled off the event native to culture?

Ati: There were people from everywhere. Not solely limited to Barbados. There also acknowledged the diversity and embraced it


STS: Where was your costume made?

Ati: I’m not sure to be honest *laughs*


STS: Is your cultural heritage well represented and acknowledged within your family?

Ati: Yes it is! The food and the music is very alive in my household in the U.S.


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