What Is White Feminism?

White Feminism is stupid.

White Feminism is detrimental.

White Feminism is a disease.


White Feminism stands with Planned Parenthood and has the pink shirts to prove it.

White Feminism believes that Miley can wear dreads with beads but they should not be allowed on black women in the work place.

White Feminism says that Hillary Clinton is the hope of a nation but Michelle Obama needs to reevaluate the way she represents herself as the “First Lady of the United States”.

White Feminism points out that it’s “Not all white women…” but fail to realize that it’s “Not all black women or men.”

White Feminism believes that Madonna is a legend but Beyonce is not who you should want your daughters to admire.

White Feminism acknowledges Britney Spears’ 2009 breakdown as an overlooked mental health disorder but fail to acknowledge the overwhelming disparities and lack of resources women in low income/impoverished states deal with in terms of mental health care access.

White Feminism love to point out that everything “isn’t a race issue” but would never say something such as “It’s not just because you’re a women.”

White Feminism wants to close the wage gap…. between white men and white women.

White Feminism views Miley as a victim and Nicki as an aggressor.

White Feminism aims for women to be well respected colleagues in the army but won’t dare question what happened to LaVena Johnson.

White Feminism loves to talk about intersectionalites but wouldn’t dare acknowledge it as a term created and coined by a black woman by the name of Kimberle Williams Crenshaw.

White Feminism uses #FreeTheNipple and #AllLivesMatter but wouldn’t dare tweet #SayHerName or #BlackLivesMatter.

White Feminism can NOT answer the question of: “If Sandra Bland had been a white woman, would a simple traffic stop have resulted in an arrest? Would she have been viewed as a loud, angry black woman? Would she be dead?”

White Feminism is useless.

White Feminism perpetuates white supremacy.

White Feminism isn’t feminism.


2 thoughts on “What Is White Feminism?

  1. Stumbled across this gem, thanks for summarising it beautifully. Different shades of feminism have to exist from within different struggles; we are all women but the struggle has a multitude of levels. Lets stay strong on the areas of overlap, but step aside when other, more specialised issues, need addressing. Your post is an excellent example of where ‘white feminism’ needs to ‘step aside’ and allow for a different struggle to project, whilst still ‘standing by’ in the overlap – we are all women after all.

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