Carnival Craze: What Marie Claire’s Headline about Rihanna’s Carnival Outfit Means for Black Women

Marie Claire…

Mainstream magazines have the responsibility to show accurate information. The validity of accuracy is subjective and often dependent upon race. For a long time, black people have been designated in a negative light and in a false light- in a light that appeals to the “masses”

I love Carnival celebrations and they exist authentically and thoroughly in the Caribbean and in many other places as well. However, Marie Claire was disrespectfully inaccurate in its characterization of the traditional celebration.

Rihanna was having fun in Carnival and year after year, people have praised her attire but Marie Claire just doesn’t… get it and in their own words they can’t believe she wore a jewel student bra in Barbados.

But let’s be clear, if there were a bunch of white celebrities parading during Crop Over in Barbados wearing the costumes, most of these magazines and media would be praising them and fawning all over them and their love for “culture” (notice they never say which culture when they do these write-ups).
Hell, what is the big difference in Rihanna wearing a studded bra as part of her costume for this festival versus the Victoria Secret models wearing them for their TV runway show around Christmas that these same magazines and the media cover as the “sexiest night on TV”…side eye. Trust me, I’ve experienced Mardi Gras since birth and there was never nearly as many write ups and articles demonizing all the pale pink nipples that was shown for beads…but the excuse of “well they are out of towners. They’re tourists.”









Over the past few years, Rihanna has wowed with her gorgeous ensembles at Carnival.

The Black Woman’s body, in each and every setting has been dehumanized and bullied-
especially when compared to the body of a white “counterpart”. Also, I have no issue with building more of our own institutions, so we can show our stories more effectively in the world. it was just in fun, their college students, etc.” when it is their women. Oh and Rihanna looked beautiful.


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