Rest In Peace, Asya P: #Forever15



40px-Yellow_ribbon.svgIt was on this day (November 28, 2012), three years ago, that Asya Maomi Patton died in the hands of free will. On this day, three years ago many people’s lives were turned upside down. I want to take the time to discuss a few things, the most important being Asya’s story. Following that I want to momentarily delve into Black girlhood/womanhood/sisterhood and depression. Please be patient with me. This is by far one of the most difficult posts I’ve had to write. Even though this is an extremely emotionally guided post, I owe this to myself, Asya and more importantly, to Black girls everywhere.

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Black Girl Supremacy: Interview w/ @NinthWardJawn

Pinkvelourtracksuit, Babyphatjeans, Ninthwardjawnor better yet- Chelsea. Chelsea Claverie. With an infectious grin and energy that graces a very popular Tumblr blog, Chelsea is able to brighten up any room she walks into. She is a multifaceted beauty with a love for all things Black and woman. She applies her creative mind and visions to various social media outlets. She openly battles with the daily struggles of being a Black woman in 2015 while simultaneously slaying every corner of the internet that she graces. Her bluntness joined with her wisdom and unique presence is a force to be reckoned with. Check out my interview to learn a little more about this lovely young lady. Continue reading “Black Girl Supremacy: Interview w/ @NinthWardJawn”