Black Women’s Lives Matter (Intro)


Empathy is encouraged for black men. But what about solidarity and empathy for black girl pain?

We know about Emmett Till, Ramarley Graham, Jerean Blake, Kimani Gray, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Sam DuBose, Tamir Rice, Jeremy McDole, Kendrick Lamar Johnson, Eric Garner, & Robert “Yummy” Sandifer and so many more Black males victimized by a white supremacist nation that initiated, protected and justified their deaths.¬†

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Black Excellence: The Wiz! (+ The Best Memes from Black Twitter)

The Wiz! live premiered on NBC last week and simply put, it was amazing. Between the cast, the costumes, the set, the graphics, the music, the makeup and the hair, all I can say is…



tumblr_nyt6w6PQnT1tf70vho1_540I started¬†working on this post during the premiere of the production but I found myself fixated on the screen. It was brilliantly done.Before going any further, I NEED to say that I’m not going to do what has already been (unnecessarily) done and compare old and new. The new production had a cleverly modern twist but still managed to pay homage to the original groundbreakers.


tumblr_nytbdahGSi1rl5evlo1_1280Queen Latifah (the Wizard), David Alan Grier (the Cowardly Lion), Uzo Aduba (Glinda), Elijah Kelley (the Scarecrow) and newcomer Shanice Williams (Dorothy) headlined the warmly received production, which followed in the footsteps of the 1978 film starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson and its 1975 Broadway predecessor. The show also featured Amber Riley (Addapearle), Common (The Bouncer), and Mary J. Blige (Evillene). Stephanie Mills returned to act as Aunt Em.

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