Black Women’s Lives Matter (Intro)


Empathy is encouraged for black men. But what about solidarity and empathy for black girl pain?

We know about Emmett Till, Ramarley Graham, Jerean Blake, Kimani Gray, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Sam DuBose, Tamir Rice, Jeremy McDole, Kendrick Lamar Johnson, Eric Garner, & Robert “Yummy” Sandifer and so many more Black males victimized by a white supremacist nation that initiated, protected and justified their deaths. 

But who will advocate for the Black girls? Who will tell their stories?

Who will stand on behalf of the single teen moms battered and abused at the hands of the men they loved, the Black girls killed in senseless acts of violence, the Black women who have been victimized and targeted by police officers. Black women and Black girls need their stories told. The media will not take on this responsibility so it falls into the hands of those who realize how important their lives are . These are not all stories of women killed at the hands of police/white men. These are women whose stories need to be heard because their lives mattered and their lives still impact Black women and Black girls on a daily basis. These are stories of murder at the hands of ex-lovers, friends, family members and police officers,stories of women who went missing only to be found abandoned and mangled in the woods; stories of little girls killed by their mothers and kidnapped at casinos; transgender women brutally beaten and left for dead. These are the stories that have never been told for everyone to hear. Here, they have found a home. Black Women’s Lives Matter is a series built upon a foundation of establishing a sisterly bond between the spirits of Black women.

Black Women’s Lives Matter is all about giving unsolicited, uncensored commentary and facts on the lives of Black women and girls . There is not nearly enough time in the world to write about each and every Black woman & girl but I assure that SecretsThatSell will be an archive. I will do the BEST I can do to at least #SayHerName. Note that while many of these incidents have had tragic outcomes, not all of the stories serve as obituaries. Get ready to say the names of missing children, teen and women. Be prepared to learn about lynch mobs, riots and Black women wrongfully imprisoned. Shedding light on Black Women’s History sheds light on reality. 


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