Happy New Year! (And Welcome Back!)

Welcome Back To SecretsThatSell!

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find peace with exactly who and what I am. To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my talents, my flaws and to stop this incessant worrying that I can’t be loved as I am. – Anais Nin


I’m so, so happy to finally be back on my blog. I spent the last portion of 2015 reflecting and recuperating. It was a long, rocky ride. It’s safe to say that while I’m not fully prepared for 2016, I have made very important decisions about how I am choosing to move forward. Today, I want to share a few things:

  • My 2015 Reflection
  • Life Tips for 2016
  • My (Top 3) Goals for 2016

During the entire month of January, I will be share mantras, tips and ideas to ensure that you have a great year. Always know that tests and trials will come your way but the right mentality and spiritual balance will help you cope and get through it.

2015 Reflection

2015 was an extremely hard year for me. I haven’t told many people about it and I haven’t been able to write about it in the way that I desire. I lost so many people that meant the world to me. I found an old blog I had and I read most of it while shaking my head. I’d written a “Happy New Year!” post for 2014 and it was laced with internalized misogyny… YIKES! In 2015, I learned so much about myself, my womanhood, my femininity, and Blackness. More importantly, I came to love them all separately and the way they intersected. I realized also that we as people are a mashup of what we allow into our lives.

Tips for 2016

It is 2016! If this year is your fresh start, carry that fresh start and turn it into your lifestyle. Don’t “start over” every year. Commit now to being better and follow through each and every year. Remember: The beginning of the year shouldn’t be the only time you re-evaluate your life, make goals + positive changes. Do it periodically. I’m not ashamed to say that this is my fresh start.

  1. Write it down & work for it: I believe in speaking your goals into the universe. Declare what is yours and grind until it actually is. Work diligently and write everything down. Stop at NOTHING to achieve your goals.
  2. Evaluate relationships: This is very important for me. All of my relationships were put to the test in 2015. Some ended, some have been strained and a few have been strengthened. However, as the year began to wind down, I realized that many of the things that happened within these relationships didn’t always happen on my own terms. I was missing people that should have still been in my life. Let go of negative friendships and clear up any beef. Go into the New Year with a new mindset.
  3. Love unapologetically: Fuck what anyone has to say. When you find something real, don’t quit on one another. Its rare to find someone who loves you more than you love yourself. My feelings have led me down some difficult paths… But never have they ever led me astray.
  4. Say what you mean, mean what you say but don’t say it mean: Communication is important and the way we communicate is essential to progression. While it’s important to let people know how you feel, we also need to be mindful of how we’re communicating. There is no reason to be unnecessarily spiteful and angry.
  5. Fear will make you settle. Faith will take you further than you deserve to go.
  6. When something is FOR YOU, all you have to do is BE YOU to receive it
  7. Live In Truth.. Your Truth: Speak your mind. Stay true to YOUR feelings & values. Don’t worry about who doesn’t agree and please, don’t worry about who doesn’t like you.


My Goals For 2016

In 2015, I accomplished many things, but in 2016, I hope to accomplish bigger goals & I pray to receive bigger blessings. This always starts with a vision.

  1. My life, my decisions, my terms: This year, I’m making me happy. I am no longer sacrificing my happiness for the benefit of others. 2016 is about me. So yes, this means I’m deciding whats right for me. My hair, my college major, my friends and everything else that directly affects me will be determined by me.
  2. Herbalism, Holistic Health, Metaphysics & Meditation: I am determined to become well-rounded this year, especially in terms of health and spirituality. The spiritual journey is individual and highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. I’m ensuring that my physical life and my spiritual life intersect to guarantee a prosperous year. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth. I’ve decided to reconstruct my “diet”. I’m not going vegan but I am becoming very aware of how my foods effect me not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. I remember writing down on a sticky note that,  “Organic, unprocessed, unrefined, clean, non-GMO foods. Staying fit is 70% nutrition and 30% fitness.” I’m going to actually live by that this year.
  3. Black Girl Solidarity: I created Black Girl Solidarity, the organization in late 2015. The organization is multifaceted and is in place to support unification, networking, and sisterhood amongst Black girls and women. In 2016, I want to successfully brand the organization and spread Black Girl Solidarity across the country.



Happy New Year!


Stay tuned!


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