RIP, Queen Natalie Cole

In memory of Natalie Maria Cole | 1950-2015

2016 is already off to a rocky start. This morning, the world was shocked to learn about the passing a music legend. Natalie Cole was 65. As the daughter of legendary artist Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole proved to be a star on her own terms.

One of the first albums I ever listened to was Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable” record. I loved it when I was younger and I love it even more now because I listen with understanding.


Rest in peace, Natalie and thank you for your essential role in shaping my taste in music. Right now I truly pray for your soul and I know that you are in Heaven singing a beautiful duet with your father and laughing with Whitney.


“One of things is that you must live your life, if possible, without regret… If you are the kind of person who is open to learning, every negative thing that ever happened, every mistake you ever made and every choice is going to affect you in a way, whether it’s good or bad. It will change you. You have to be responsible for your choices. You can’t moan and whine and feel sorry for yourself when the consequences aren’t what you hoped they would be. You deal with it. Unfortunately, we do have some young people out there who have made some really bad choices, and it did kill them. I would say to the ones who are still standing, ‘Watch yourself. Keep your ear to the ground. Be a good observer. Treat people well, and take responsibility for your choices.’” – Natalie Cole


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