Beware of The Hotep


If you’ve ever interacted with Black Twitter or in fact are a part of Black Twitter, chances are you’ve seen, you know or a you are a Hotep Nigga. Being a Hotep Nigga means you have a certain “fake deep” way of policing Black women while pretending to care about their well-being. See, many hoteps hate the word nigga (and love false etymology so they prefer to be called ‘Negus’) and by referring to them as a nigga, they feel attacked and belittled… you know, kind of how they treat everyone else. Hotep is the kemetic word for “peace”, so referring to their online community as “Hotep Niggas” completely makes a mockery of them and what they “stand for”, which is exactly what they deserve. [This is an “informal” post, maybe even a rant in some ways but alas: here it is. Beware of the Hotep.]

B9XEDBeIEAAylNgHotep Niggas are the “men” whose timelines are drenched in poorly made, respectability politic memes, imaginary “facts” about Egypt and anti-feminist rhetoric etc.  Trust me! You have definitely seen a Hotep in action. Maybe you’ve seen their art because that too, is all the same:

A naked black woman with a black power fist Africa shaped womb, an ankh, a huge crown and pyramids in the back with the words, “Awaken AfriKan Kween” scribbled somewhere on the photo. I know a million images just popped into your head because there are so many floating around. A Hotep’s go to pickup line is usually something along the lines of “I’m trying to build with you KWEEN.”




What Hotep Niggas Love:

1. We love lions. That’s why the cover photo is a lion. We KANGS in this white man’s jungle, that’s why we love them.

2. We love bitches but only when our dicks are in their orifices or they showing pics of their asses. Other than that we don’t love them hoes because they usually wear weave and are single mothers. Weave and single mothers are the main reasons for the downfall of the black nation.

3. We love Beautiful Black QUEENS & GODDESSES! The antithesis of a big mouth bitch. She’s always modest, got the Erykah Badu headwrap from 1998. Most importantly she supports us BLACK KANGS 1,000%. Always lifting us up by giving us the space we need to fight the revolution by checking loud mouth feminist bitches, not complaining about us playing RPG video games 12 hours a day so we can work on tactical strategies for when the inevitable race war pops off, cooking us delicious raw vegan foods on demand, and infiltrating the white man’s jobs so that they can support us financially for the revolution.

4. We love white women who are down for the cause. Let’s face it, it’s waaaay more white women who know how to be feminine, docile, and how to let a KANG BE A KANG!!!

5. We love all Afrikan deities. We love mixing Adinkra symbols with Khemetic imagery because Afrikans weren’t separate countries and tribes until the white kkkraka devil came along.

6. We love anyone who places the all responsibility of the downfall of black civilization on black women,and gays. White supremacy played a role but since the 70’s it’s been the fags and these loud mouth, no humility having black bitches who are more responsible than even crack for the downfall of our people. It’s their fault that it’s so many gay black people. They made the children hate their fathers and this is the result. They have real eyes to realize the real lies!!!! REAL TALK SON!!!!

We love a lot of other things, but these are some of the basics. As a Hotep Nigga (remember Nigga comes from NAGA which meant KING before the white man perverted it) what are some of the things you love?!

Peace, love, revolution, and kale!!!

Hotep Nigga #1

[Credit: Facebook: Hotep Ass Niggas Anonymous]



Hoteps hate Black women. Yes, despite their Black unity/liberation talk, one thing I have learned is that while many “conscious” types claim to despise White supremacy, they really want to mimic their patriarchy in the name of faux Black unity.

B7Fw65KCYAAgX_2Hoteps relentlessly shame Black women. They try to tell Black women how to act, look and they even tell us how to style our hair, which in my opinion is not your place unless 1) you’re my stylist or 2) I asked . They do this because they want to control Black women and limit our social, political and economic options and success.  You’ll see them spout nonsense because they want easy ass without the responsibility. They want a harem of women that they can use to “increase the population”. However, they won’t marry her and will then blame Black women for being single mothers.

Then, there’s the homophobia. It’s gut wrenching. The cruelest homophobia I have ever seen comes from this crowd. Being gay in Africa was prevalent and accepted long before the White Christians and Muslims came. All it takes is research to have that knowledge. They hate anything non-hetero/non-cis and blame single mothers for gay children while not acknowledging the numerous children they’ve fathered and abandoned.

Honestly we have to ask this question: how can one be 11692509_1453546918279976_5004841607697947002_n (1)Pro-Black but reject our West African
ancestry? How can one be Pro-Black and want to subjugate more than half of the Black population: Black women? How can one be Pro-Black but hate another Black person because they love someone of the same sex? The honest truth is that they want Black women and Black LGBTQs to trade a White supremacist oppressor for a Black Nationalist one; either way Black women and Black LGBTQs lose. If they were really Pro-Black they’d want equality for all but deep down they really don’t. They want to become what they despise most. They want to become the oppressors because they aren’t Pro-Black at all.



They’re possibly the biggest jokes out there. They will go on and on about kings and queens and degrade any and everyone who doesn’t fit that mold. They overuse words and phrases like “pineal gland” and “metaphysical” without actually knowing what it means.

tumblr_o0p1nehfh51uz4n3po1_500In their eyes, everything is apart of a conspiracy theory that was initiated to hinder their success and if you don’t agree, you’re the problem. Their social media names contain Rah, Bey, Imhotep, or EL even though their legal last name is Johnson or Jenkins. On a good note, they’ll tell you that they love ALL Black women but she has to be the right type of Black woman. They love all Black women but hate “Black bitches”. Who are “Black bitches”? Anyone who rejects them. After their rejection, they always point to statistics that show low marriage rates amongst Black women but fail to discuss that the rate is highest amongst Black men. They are okay and understanding when Black men marry non-black women while Black women who marry outside of their race are ‘Negro bed wenches’. They see White men as devils but view their daughters as marriage material with positive breeding outcomes. Hoteps will tell you marriage to one woman is a Eurocentric institution and are down for polyandry. They believe that a Black man should lead and Black women should follow without any questions. They want a Black woman to submit and be a housewife but somehow go to work so that she may support him too.

Many and most of them hate Empire & Scandal but watch Power because… you know, strong Black man. wpid-screenshot_2015-04-20-17-26-39-1They believe feminism is a tool created by White supremacy to emasculate Black men because ultimately, they believe that equal pay for Black women, family planning and a life without domestic violence are bad things. They want Black power but only for Black hetero men. They will call their legions of fatherless litters’ nation building while blaming all of his four baby mamas for him not going to see his children. One of the most annoying aspects of Hotep-ism is how they know all about a fictitious Egypt that they’ve created but know nothing about West Africa, which is where majority of their ancestors are actually from. They hate Black men that acknowledge Black women’s problems in society.


tumblr_npl2mp3GtT1rnqy4no1_500Hoteps ascribe to a herd mentality and if anyone, especially a Black woman, disagrees with their philosophies and ideologies, then suddenly she’s to blame for everything including why we as Black people can’t get ahead and Black women being indoctrinated by their White oppressors. In other words, be docile, subservient, silent and oppressed, which is the same mindset some whites have about Blacks. You can’t win with this type of person. They’re just as radically extreme as the Tea Party. And no, they don’t see Black people as individuals. They indict all Black people for the actions of a few. Yes, when we’re fighting for our basic civil rights, we should be cohesive. But we are still individuals in our personal lives and just because some of us don’t mindlessly and blindly follow their radicalized edicts, doesn’t mean we’re a detriment to the Black culture. They’ll make sexist/misogynistic remarks and the only women they actually respect is their ‘queen’ mother. They’ll argue that Bill Cosby didn’t rape those women and that it’s just the white man trying to bring a successful black figure down. They will also ignore the Black women who have stated that Bill Cosby raped them as well.

tumblr_mxdeuyZ76q1qzv9wyo1_1280One of my biggest issues with Hotep Niggas is that they present narratives that reinforce a belief that being descendants of slaves is a bad thing. Our ancestors were victims of ignorance and hatred but more importantly, they were survivors. The fact that we’re here right now as their descendants is amazing.


The main way to detect a Hotep Nigga is knowing that he willhotep2 consistently call you “Queen” and this title will be so condemning and subjective that you will shutter because you will know. In calling you, Queen, they have placed you on their pedestal entrenched in beliefs of what they believe a Black woman should be and the moment you smallest thought drifts away from the Pro-Egypt, misogynist stance you are no longer worthy or important and are deemed a disgrace to the Black community.



Hoteps you may know:

Dr. Umar Johnson

maxresdefault (3).jpg


Spike Lee



Tariq Nasheed


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