About Me

At this point in our lives, we are all in search of something that we know is deep down within us. This blog is about silencing my mouth and allowing my soul to speak. I am paying attention to the details that fill my life with light & give my Soul true meaning; I am the rose overlooked, the sunset missed. Often, while on a quest for happiness, the skies paint you masterpieces day by day in hopes of awaking you to your own brilliance. I am whole and complete in God. I move, breathe and have my being. I am on a journey to healing and I am sharing it with you all.

On the surface, I am a black culture & life style connoisseur, poetess, hip-hop head, pro-black, blogging queen from the south. I am conscious. I am enlightened and I am knowledgable.

I am Morgan Majesty (the artist formerly known as Morgan Holloman-Bryant, lol), an undergraduate student, the Creator and Curator of Black Girl Solidarity, and budding social media maven. I currently divide my time between St. Louis, Missouri and Little Rock, AR though originally from New Orleans, LA. Over the past year, I have learned many things- not just about the world, but about myself. I have been gifted with ability to to heal young Black femmes who are currently navigating their way though a malicious world hell bent on compromising their existence.


For a little over a year, Secrets That Sell has been an my outlet for expression and networking. I am a 2nd year college student majoring in African/African American Studies, Computer Science, with a minor in the Business of Entertainment. I love sunflowers, passion tea lemonade, yoga, meditation, double chocolate-chip frappuccinos, solitude, and daily planners. I am extremely in touch with my emotional self and lack fear when it comes to expressing sentiments.


If life & death are in the power of the tongue, I don’t have words to waste.

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